Ghost hunting/ paranormal investigation part 1

Asiah has been wanting to do something Halloween-ish ever since September lol We decided to go ghost hunting with some paranormal investigators at Union Station. It was on tv as one of the worlds scariest places on earth. We had a shoot there a few months before and everyone noticed strange things happening so we were excited to see some ghosts! We got there late and they had all the lights out so it makes the already creepy building seem even more eerie. At first the tour was boring. There were no ghosts in sight and our tour guide/paranormal investigator seemed to be lacking a little in the cerebral department. We got in trouble because we kept giggling and making sarcastic remarks. The lady said we were going to upset the spirits but we couldn’t help laughing anyway. She walked us down a tiny cramped hallway and told us a ghost named Yahooty haunted there. She said if we called his name he would come out. None of us liked the idea of walking down a hallway in the dark yelling yahooty so we made up a song. Brooke started by singing yahooty you have cooties, then giggling Asiah added and your moody, Jenna finished by singing loudly “so kiss my booty!” The PI didn’t find it as funny as we did. Yahooty never showed. Next she took us into a theatre which where we saw the ghost kid last time. It made everyone get serious really quick. That room is SO CREEPY. It feels like someone is sneaking up on you but when you turn around no one is there are you can hear kids laughing in the beams and behind the curtains…ew chills!!! That room is super scary. Half way through whatever the lady was saying I see this couple walk up behind Brooke to hear what was going on. I noticed them because the guy was really tall and the girl was super short. I was just starting to wonder how that worked out for them when I see Brooke turn to look over her shoulder. She must have felt how close they were. So she half turns but the girl is so short you just barely catches your eye. So Brooke turns to look back, starts to look back to the front, catches the girls head in her peripheral and turns full around. She lets out this giant scream causing everyone else to scream while I practically die of laughter for witnessing the whole thing. That’s when she delivers the icing on the cake by saying to the girl “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scream but I thought you were a ghost….because your so short.” By then me and Asiah are practically in tears we are laughing so hard and no one is thinking about ghost children anymore. I have to get out of here for now but I will continue with part 2 next time and tell you about the rest of the tour.


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