Film gala

Last night was a lot of fun. Untamed got invited to an exclusive film gala hosted by a lot of the people from Sundance. We super excited to have the opportunity to go to such a fancy party and of course to have access to such great networking. The Film commission just bought a new property for unspeakable amounts of money and were kind enough to invite everyone out to see it first hand. The property was unbelievable! The house itself reminded me of twilight because of its floor to ceiling windows. The house is up on the hill so you could see all of the lights in Salt Lake glittering below. Nate Keller and his band performed and there was a private movie showing. Cant wait til everyone gets to see the movies this year. I think there are some you will really like. My favorite part of the night was the food…of course lol The caterers went all out. I havent had such good food in a really long time. After a tour of the house (which had more than one “to-die-for” closet) we went outside and were admiring the cars in the driveway. Steve was such a sweetheart that he let us climb inside for some pictures. He offered to take us for a drive but we had to go 😦 Next time though I will definintly be there. Here are some pictures from the event.


Back view of the house so you can see all the windows


living room


Dance room. It had a shower and sauna in there


Going up to the loft in the master bedroom


enjoying the view from the deck




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