Haunted Acres photo shoot

What a super busy day! I started out with an early morning parade then had to quickly leave so I could make it to try outs on time. I last minute decided to try out for the Grizz girls (cheerleaders for the Utah Grizz hockey team). Tryouts were pretty easy. Most girls recently tried out for Utah Jazz dancers, then Blaze dancers, so Grizz is like the back up for the back up type of thing. I also heard a lot of people ditched out because they thought we had to dance on skates 😛 (btw we dont). I picked this team because I have a crazy schedule as it is and dont really have time to be a cheerleader but its on the list. Hockey didnt have as demanding of a schedule as basketball or even arena football so there I was. After a very quick and easy audition I zipped out of there to get ready for my shoot. Our amazing photographer got us into a haunted house. It had all kinds of themed rooms. Running around in there was so spooky, even with everything turned off! There was a clown room, a vampire room, Freddy’s house, and a bunch of others. We kept accidentally scaring each other because it was like a giant maze and we would end up getting seperated then running into each other again in random rooms. There was a party going on next door and a few people decided to wander in to the haunted house and see what was in there. We felt it was our job to scare them to death. 🙂 Here are a few behind the scenes photos. I’ll post pictures from the actual shoot when we get them back.


Blood, Guts, and Love from the shoot


I guess haunted houses bring out the cannibal in all of us?


oh she’s got skills


jennafoxx.webs.com check out my roommate isnt she adorable?


At Fredy’s house, you know, my new halloween boyfriend


asiahtanner.webs.com feed the addiction 😉


Vampire slayers right before they killed me


❤ these girls


Like Alexa? you can see more of her pictures at alexatyler.webs.com

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