Utah Grand Prix May 14-17

Working for Mazda and Cooper Tires sponsors of Atlantic racing team. Frankie Muniz is a part of the team so we had a popular truck. The racers were all so nice and very grounded which was nice. Simona was kicking butt all weekend. Glad she’s showing everyone girls can drive too…..and be better at it than guys 😛 I LOVE the sound at the track. When you hear all those cars whizzing by…I cant even do it justice in a blog. I wish I could be out there with them but for now I am having fun holding trophies, smiling on the podium, and taking pictures with die hard racing fans. We were in the sun a lot and got pretty fried so please forgive us for looking like lobsters in race outfits 😉


showing of my outfit at the house


Part of the crew


Me and the girls getting excited for the day to start


Like I said sweetest drivers ever ❤ them


Oh you wait. One of these days your going to see pics and videos of me in one of these on the salt flats. Its on the list!


Yep boys Simona could kick your butt in a race any day, any place


Frankie sans Elycia Marie his girlfriend. Those 2 are adorable together!

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