Dating Horror Stories


Since today is Friday the 13th we thought it might be fun to ask the models about some of their dating horror stories. Here are a few of them along with a bonus dating disaster that tops every horror story we’ve heard so far!

One time this guy asked Andi out and she didn’t want to go. She kept making all these excuses like not having a car etc. He offered to pick her up but she didn’t want him to know where she lived so she had me drive her. She chose a boring movie (The Lorax) and then since she didn’t have ride home she made me stay there with her. Our weird polygamist date was the worst I have ever been on!

I went on a date with a guy who wasn’t really my type because he was a friend of a friend and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The date was really awkward and we didn’t have anything to talk about so there were long awkward moments. At dinner I shoveled my food in as fast as I could to get it over with. He took me back home early but then stayed to hang out. At one point he offered to give me a back rub “because I looked miserable”. I said I was ok but he then began to pound on my back and shake me violently with his awful back rub. I nearly flew off the couch! It was awful.

I was on a first date and spilled rootbeer all over my pants. I had to change in the car.

He took me to a sports themed restaurant and watched the screen the whole time. I was annoyed that he ignored me. After he paid he asked me if I wanted to dance so I used his own move to reject him.

I went on a first date that was going really well at first until he took me home and went in for a kiss. The wind was blowing and when he kissed me he just got a mouth full of hair. He tried to play it off but I saw him pulling hairs out of his mouth. He never called me back after that night.

I went on a date with a guy who was obsessed with his dog. I like dogs but there is a time and a place and a first date isn’t really one of them. He decided to take me to a carnival which would have been fun except he didn’t ride any of the rides because the dog was there. I wanted to have fun so I rode the rides myself

My date to senior prom got back with his girlfriend 2 days before the dance so when we got to the dance, we took pictures, then he ditched me for his girlfriend. He ignored me the whole night and didn’t dance with me once. I kind of just stood in the corner by myself until a group of my friends got there and I went with them, but when a slow song came on I just had to stand by myself. When he dropped me off and I finally got home I cried in the bathroom.


I started talking to a guy on a dating website. He was 24, very attractive, and funny. He asked me on a date and I agreed. When he picked me up he was 43 not 24, looked nothing like his pictures, and brought his 5 kids along. He also drove a creepy passenger van. He proceeded to explain that he was a single dad and wanted to date younger women because he wanted someone to be there for his kids when he dies. As soon as we got to the bowling alley he asked his youngest if he thought I would be a good mommy… I texted my friend to save me and she did. After that I took a long break from online dating!



*Fake names used to protect the mortified


Kyle grew up down the street from a girl named Whitney. He’d had a crush on her for as long as he could remember but he had never told her. Kyle was going to move away for a few years so his friends and family were putting a lot of pressure on him to confess his feelings for Whitney and ask her out. To get them off his case Kyle made the promise that if Whitney was single when he came back a few years later, he would ask her out. He thought she would have a boyfriend by then so he would get out of asking her. The years passed and when Kyle returned home Whitney was single. He mustered all of his courage and asked her out on a date and to his surprise she agreed to go!


Kyle planned to take Whitney to the local carnival. On the night of their date he picked her up and they went to dinner. Everything was going well and Whitney seemed to be flirting. Kyle was feeling great until they were in the car on the way to the carnival. His stomach was starting to gurgle and bubble. He was horrified and didn’t want to pass gas in the tiny enclosed space of the car. In a panic he started planning his next move. Since they were close to the carnival he decided to hold it until they got there, then when she opened her door and got out he would quickly fart and close his door, trapping it in the car, and the smell would dissipate by the time they got back.


So they parked and she got out and Kyle farted….except it turned out to be more than just gas! Kyle tried to walk slowly and stay behind Whitney. Confused, she kept slowing down and waiting for him. Just then he noticed a carnival game with seats as a prize. He instantly dragged her to the booth and told her he just HAD to have those sweats!!! She was confused but agreed.


$40 they still had not won anything and Whitney was ready to give up. She told Kyle that they could play a different game but he insisted they had to keep playing this one until they got the prize. Finally they won a pair of sweats. Kyle grabbed them from the game attendant and ran to the nearest honey bucket to change. “I’m going to put these on RIGHT NOW” he called over his shoulder. Kyle cleaned out his pockets and threw his dirty pants and boxers down the hole of the porta-potty. The sweats were in plastic packaging so he tore them open and ripped them out… only to discover that they weren’t sweats at all. It was s sweatshirt! He felt the color drain from his face. With nothing else left to do his stuffed his legs into the arm holes as far as they would go and took off running for the car. He left Whitney there without an explanation and blocked her on every social media platform he had and they never spoke again.


Have any of these ever happened to you? What are some of your worst dating disasters? Can you top Kyle’s story?


50 things to do this summer

Are you running out of ideas for things to do this summer? Here are a few suggestions from our girls. Some of the things on this list may seem a bit strange but we tried to avoid the easy answers that you typically see on these lists.


– Laugh the night away at a local comedy club. If you are feeling brave try open mic night


-Put on your boots and go line dancing. Learn some moves beforehand by watching youtube tutorials


– Night games: It doesn’t matter how old you are you can still play night games. You remember the classics, ghost in the graveyard, kick the can, steal the flag….. (Look some up if you need ideas)


– Go to a free sports event and do something stupid to get on the jumbo tron


  • – Host a themed party: This never gets old! We have pirate parties and play games we make up like pirate poker and cannon wars (pretty much like battle ships). We’ve had pirate parties and ninja turtle parties and super hero parties, weird outfit parties…you name we have probably tried it. Making up your own party games is fun too


– Make home videos/skits with your camera: We used to make scary movies all the time. It’s funny to look back at them now


-Water fight or nerf wars


– Play street hockey with those roller blades you never use. We had to play on foot with pool noodles. It made for a challenging but fun experience.


– Chalk party: buy a bucket of chalk and invite a bunch of friends over and see how much ground you can cover with your amazing street art


– Ugly outfit game- this game is way fun and way simple. It’s perfect for when you are totally broke. You go to a thrift store or another one of our favorites is Ross, and break up into teams. Then match one person from each team to a person on the opposite team. Then they have to get the ugliest outfit they can find for the person they picked. You try them all on and everyone comes out to show each other (we take pictures and occasionally post them to social media to vote at that point) and the one who picked the ugliest outfit wins.




– Visit a local tourist spot that may not be widely known. (For example, in Utah we have the ice castles and a life size replica of the house from UP)


– Go to a drive in or flick n float (Watching movies on a projector from a pool or lake)


– Use groupon to book a unique hotel room and explore while you have a mini stay-cation


– Try cooking a new recipe together


  • – Re-live your childhood: Bring all your favorite childhood games, movies, and candy and enjoy a blast from the past. Its kind of fun to re-live those memories and to see what your partner was into as well


-Get fake tattoos: Pick each other’s if you want things to get interesting


-Take random mini road trips : get lost around town. Turn down streets you’ve never been on before and stop when you see things that look interesting.


– Go to a museum, car show, or toy store




– Break a few rules: sneak into a nature preserve at night to look at the stars, swim in a public fountain, go skinny dipping…it doesn’t have to be super scandalous but a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.


– Do a list item: If you have a bucket list find something on it and try to cross it off. If you don’t have one yet, make one!


– Watch some closet clean out videos for inspiration and then de-clutter your space and enjoy the feeling of freedom.


– Read a book. (May we suggest “Love her wild” by Atticus poetry. If the Untamed vibe resonates with you then you will like this book. It also has the added benefit of being written in short passages which make it easy to read on the go because you can easily pick it up and put it down as needed without getting lost.


  • – Learn a new language. The Duolingo app is free and can really help.

– Try something you have never done before

– Make a jar for all your accomplishments, good things that happen in your life, and things you are thankful for. As they happen write them down and drop them in the jar. At the end of the year (or when you are having a bad day) read through the things you put in the jar.


  • – Take an hour to just do something you love



– The girls insist we add skydiving to the list (they can’t get enough)

– Rent some tubes and float down the river or rent kayaks/paddle boards and visit the lake

– Participate in a lantern festival

– Have a potluck bbq or bonfire

  • – Go online to (or similar sites) to see what kind of weird things you have in your area. We go to hobbitville out here all the time
  • – Go to the park
  • – Hit your local hiking trails



– Have a gaming party and bring all your gaming systems. You can LAN with friends or reminisce while playing video games from your childhood


– Race fish in the bath tub: They are 10 cents at wal-mart. It’s hard to race them but it’ll keep you busy for hours


-Check out something that’s haunted. If your feeling brave look up the haunted places in your area and go visit one. If you feel really brave go spend the night!


– Watch a sports game on tv and take candy bets on it. Even if it’s something dumb like horse racing. Get dressed up in all your spirit gear and really get competitive with it.


– Breakfast party: Invite all your friends over for breakfast. Everyone brings something small eggs, hash browns, bacon, etc. and then you all cook it together and eat. Sometimes we would play video games or watch cartoons during breakfast then everyone would leave around noon to change because we wore our pajamas to the breakfast party


– Host a clothing swap party with friends (since your closet just got cleaned out) and swap gently used items from your closet for their gently used items.


– Flash light golf: It’s harder than people think but it’s really fun


– Photo scavenger hunt- Go online or just check our blog for a list of things to do for a photo scavenger hunt. You get into teams and each team has a list of ridiculous things to go get pictures of. The team who crosses off the most items on their list wins. Sharing on social media is part of the fun.


– Check for community freebies: usually you can get into clubs free before a certain time, newspapers put out coupons for free baseball games, movies in the park, concerts, carnivals, rodeos, etc. Just check your local newspaper or craigslist.


-Balloon volleyball: you get a balloon and use furniture to play volleyball. It’s very simple but strangely addictive


-Build a fort: you may think you are too old but your not. If it’s snowy you can build one outside or you can do it the old fashioned way in the house




– Feed and walk the animals at an animal shelter


– Radar: (Ring a doorbell and run) Instead of regular doorbell ditching you make cookies and leave them on the porch then ring the door bell and run.


– Balloon surprise: Buy smiley face balloons at the dollar store and one dozen cupcakes. Then take a balloon and cup cake to all your friends at work to surprise them and brighten their day


– Visit your local Ronald Mcdonald House and make dinner for the families there


– Offer to babysit for a night so single moms or weary parents can get a break for a few hours



Well that’s our list of fun things to do this summer. Let us know if you try them and what you thought. What fun things have you been doing this summer? Do you have any suggestions for things we should add to this list?

Why haven’t I been booked?

Some questions we commonly receive regarding bookings are



  • Why don’t I see any bookings on the job board
  • Why am I not receiving updates
  • Why don’t I ever get chosen



This may get a bit lengthy but let’s dive into the booking process to answer your questions and see if there may be anything you are unknowingly doing that is inhibiting your ability to get booked.


  1. You are not registered

Are you registered with Untamed? It may seem like a simple concept but some people are used to doing bookings on other sites and may not understand our booking process. In the beginning we booked talent through email and text messages but we quickly learned that this process left huge margins of error. Communication would lag and lots of important information could easily be lost or forgotten. It created a chaotic experience for our talent, booking team, and clients alike. Needless to say, we no longer accept talent resumes/availability or do bookings that way.


Even if you have worked with us in the past and used a different process you still need to migrate to the booking site or you will stop receiving bookings and job notifications. If you are emailing us, commenting on our social media posts, calling or texting asking for gigs, etc. you will not get booked. You will receive an automated response telling you to upload your resume and contact info to our booking site.

You can read more about how to use our site at the link below


Currently, talent can ONLY be booked through our booking site/app. It keeps all you’re events in one place, keeps creates fast and easy mobile communication, and allows us to make electronic payments so we can pay you (who doesn’t love that?!) So first and foremost you need to make sure you have your resume posted on our booking site here


  1. Your profile

Our booking agents are looking for talent that best fits the client needs and that they have confidence in to do the job and to do a good job. Many agents will overlook a candidate if they have an incomplete profile. If you cannot take 5 minutes to complete your profile how do they know you will follow through all the steps the client needs for you to work their event? Make sure you have updated photos and at least 3 work experiences. If you have not worked 3 events you can list volunteer work, hobbies/special skills like bar tending, event d, seamstress work etc. The descriptions don’t have to be long but they should highlight your achievements. IMPORTANT NOTE! Make sure your location and contact information is up to date! We cannot pay you or send you job notifications if we do not have the correct information.


  1. Your conduct

Our agents CAN make private notes on your profile for other booking agents to read in the future. If you are scheduled to work an event and you no-call/no show or cancel at the last minute that WILL be listed in your notes. That can keep you from getting bookings in the future. Client complaints, improper behavior at events, bad attitudes, etc. can really hold you back. It is very important to make sure you remain professional and reliable. While negative notes can be made on your profile positive notes can be added as well. Client compliments, team lead compliments, and other positive highlights can be added to notes on your profile, which will enhance your bookings substantially. 9 times out of 10 a client or booking agent will choose talent with positive notes over any other talent and they’ll do it time and time again because they know they are getting someone who is hardworking and reliable.


  1. Your photos

Your photos are your first impression. Make sure you have at least 3-5 on your profile and that they are good quality and well lit. Professional photos are preferred but a good selfie can go a long way if it’s done correctly. Make sure you don’t have a lot of background clutter in your photos and that you don’t have group shots (the only exception to that is if you are posting event photos). Make sure they are well lit and not grainy. They need to be current so that when you show up at the event you look like your photo.


We suggest using a head shot for your default photo so that your face stands out when the client is looking at thumbnails of the interested talent pool. Full body shots may be too small to show any detail and may get overlooked. We also suggest a good candid/selfie shot so clients can see what you actually look like without a bunch of filters and photo shop (Kissing face, duck lips, and snap filters are discouraged because they look amateur and unprofessional).


Next we recommend candid shots of you working an event (even better if it shows client logos and uniforms). Last we suggest a full body or three quarter shot. Keep it professional and don’t pose overly provocatively. Business casual shots usually do well. Fitness attire is a great way to show physique without taking it to a trashy level. For women we have noticed clients also seem to gravitate to black cocktail dresses. It can be sexy but if it’s shot in a well lit (white background or outdoor) area it still gets passed off as classy. Bikni shots are ok but we suggest keeping them tasteful. Nude, implied nude, overly sexual, or adult photos are not allowed. Your profile will be hidden and no clients will see it until approved photos have been uploaded. IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot update your photos for you so you will need to delete or upload photos appropriately and we cannot rotate or crop them for you. If you see your headshot is posted sideways that is how it will show to clients as well. You will need to rotate that because we cannot.


  1. Your skills


If you have any skills or certifications we suggest updating or adding them because clients and booking agents are looking for talent that best fits the skills the client outlined in their request. If a food handlers permit is required for a certain event and you have one but don’t list it we will never know and you can lose the gig to someone who did post it. If you are not getting bookings it could be because your skills weren’t as much of a match as someone else’s. Don’t get discouraged, just make sure you keep adding/updating and keep applying.

  1. Your work history

You don’t have to have event experience to get selected for gigs but it is a plus. Clients and booking agents will look at any work history you have and check notes to see if you have any misconduct like cancellations, no shows, bad attitude, etc. If your work history is less than great you can always work to get it improved and back on track by doing some volunteer work with Untamed at their monthly charity events or by taking third party marketing bookings and getting good reviews.


  1. Your pay rate

We allow talent to set their own rate on their profile. This gives clients an idea of who fits their event requirements and budget. We do not want models to undervalue themselves but if you are not receiving any job offerings in your pay rate we do suggest doing some research to see where you fall based on what other local models are charging. If your rate is set way higher than what the average client is paying you will not see listings. As a personal tip our models tend to set their rate lower (toward the lower end of the minimum they will accept) so that they get notified about more job postings. They are not obligated to take them but it gives them the opportunity to see what is available and then decide if that’s what they want to take or not.


We want to get our talent the best pay possible but talent needs to evaluate and understand their worth. We have come across talent in the past that thinks the job is just about being attractive. They feel they should be paid larger amounts because they feel they are more attractive than the average. Unfortunately that is not how we work. While booking agents and clients are looking for attractive talent in part, the bigger picture is that they need someone outgoing who is not afraid to approach others and enthusiastically represent their brand and talk about their product or services. Models with experience, sales people with experience, and influencers with a large following are all in high demand. Because they are highly sought after clients will pay more to hire them. On the flip side a model with no event experience, that cannot hold a job in her personal life, acts unprofessionally, has no following, is shy and unapproachable, or has a diva attitude because she has done TONS of TFP shoots she arranged on mm or fb will not get many bookings (if any at all). Sit down and look over your resume/skills along with your following and think of your work history and level of professionalism. We don’t want models to low ball themselves and get paid less than they deserve but talent must also be realistic on their rates and the value they bring to the table when deciding what their rate is.


  1. Your location

This is important. A majority of our bookings are entered into our site as private events. This means that they will not show on our job board and talent will only see it if they are invited. (public events are open to anyone and can be seen by all on our job board. We don’t post them often because it tends to cause a bit of unnecessary work. Examples like talent applying for a gig in Colorado when they live in Florida. They won’t get hired but that creates a lot of unnecessary weeding our booking agents have to do to find eligible talent.) The private event invites are sent automatically to nearby talent and then added individually by our booking agents to talent further than 25 miles that fit the criteria. Our site is set to send auto invites to talent that are within a 25 mile radius of the event address our booking agents enter in when they create the job overview. If you are outside of that radius you will not see the booking on our job board. You will only receive an invite if the agent invites you personally based on the client needs and your listed skills. If invited you will receive an invite via email or phone notification on the app.


  1. Response time

We send out event invites as soon as we get the job posted (but usually not any earlier than a month before the event). Talent will have time to review and decide if they would like to apply to the event or not and most times the overview will have a date listed for when the interested/available talent will be chosen by the client. This usually happens a week or 2 before the event but sometimes we get a last minute booking and have to fast track everything. If it is getting close to event time chances are talent is being selected and you will need to be quick to apply. Certain jobs (especially higher paying ones) get filled quickly so the sooner you apply the better chance you have.


It is also very important to respond to agents quickly if you are contacted via messenger or email. Sometimes they will need to verify information with you and if they don’t hear back from you relatively quickly they will move on to someone else.


  1. Your conduct toward our booking agents

Harassing our booking agents never ends well. Sometimes talent wants to fast track things so they submit on multiple platforms or get on messenger and message the booking agent all day long trying to get chosen. This is unprofessional and could lead to notes being added to your profile about it. It’s completely ok to reach out to agents if you have questions about event details or requirements or to clear up any schedule changes you may run into.


We just ask talent to be courteous and professional when working with our booking agents. Keep in mind that they are staffing multiple events nationwide and have many phone calls, texts, and emails coming in daily.


  1. Ability to follow directions

Nothing will get you overlooked faster than not following directions. Clients are very particular about their events and what they need. If they have made specific requests and those are ignored they will not want to work with you again. So read job overviews thoroughly and complete steps as directed. Inability to do so can lead to problems that could prevent you from getting hired, cost you future events, and even delay getting paid (like if you forget to update your contact information and we have no way to send you money)


  1. Your paperwork

Certain paperwork needs to be completed before you can work any events with us. If you have not completed your tax forms, independent contractor agreement, contact info, etc. please do so or you will not get booked. IMPORTANT NOTE: We understand that many of you are new and have not completed your paperwork yet so you can wait until you get booked for your first event and it will not affect your ability to be chosen for bookings or to work as long as it is completed before the start date of your first booking.


  1. Your application time

As stated earlier, many higher paying and fun gigs get staffed quickly so make sure you jump on it quickly and apply to events you are interested in or you may miss out.


  1. Your social media conduct and following

Clients and booking agents are looking for professionals so they will check social media from time to time if they are having a hard time choosing between talent candidates. They want to see how you conduct yourself online and what kind of following you have. While social media pages are yours to do with as you please we do suggest keeping posts conservative and professional or making your personal page private and creating a fan page for your modeling where you can post things that might appeal more to clients.


Influencers are very highly sought after right now and clients see followers as a direct correlation to your ability to network and interact with people (namely their future customers). They don’t always look at social media pages but when they have multiple talent candidates that are a good fit and they are having a hard time choosing one they tend to choose the ones with a larger following. At Untamed we value our influencers and have a program called Social Club that our talent can join to be linked up specifically with influencer marketing gigs and can get them a higher paid rate for all other Untamed events that they participate in.


  1. Patience and persistence

We get bookings nationwide and the more we do the more that we grow and add to our job board. With so many great options it can be hard for us to choose the right talent because so many people would be great for each spot. Unfortunately we currently get hundreds of applications to gigs that only need a handful of models so we can’t choose everyone. We match our talent to our job overview and we do like to choose people we have worked with in the past that we know are reliable or people that we see applying time and time again. So be patient with us. Your day will come and you can show us how amazing you are and get some notes added that will help you continue to get booked again and again. Until then just be persistent and keep applying. You can go through this checklist to enhance your chances of getting booked (with us and with others) and if you are still having a hard time you can reach out through the messaging on the app/site and ask a booking agent to go over your profile and give you some personalized tips (this may take a while because our agents are always slammed with bookings but they are also happy to help.)


That’s our checklist. It’s pretty lengthy but if you made it through the whole thing (congratulations) and have implemented everything you should be getting booked in no time!

Booking website: Getting started

In order to receive information about available bookings you must have a profile on our booking site. We ONLY book talent through our booking site! If you comment on a casting alert that you see on social media you will get a response telling you to go create a profile and select “interested” on the jobs you would like to apply for.

If you have tried to apply for a gig by doing one of the following, you will not get booked:

  • Commented that you are interested or available on one of our social media posts
  • Sent us an email stating that you are available for a specific gig
  • Commented or emailed your modeling website, stats, or contact information for us to go check out
  • had an agent or manager send us an email on your behalf.

Those are a few of the ways we commonly see people trying to apply. Again, you will NEVER get booked via those methods. We have multiple social media pages and out email gets slammed with messages every day, leaving too many opportunities for information to get lost or for miscommunications to arise. Our booking site streamlines all booking information for our agents and for our talent. Allowing everyone to easily stay in contact and maintain their events. That is why we insist that all talent working with us uses it for bookings. It is free. For more information on how to get booked visit our blog post HERE

Now to get started!

Sign Up

Imagine all of your events in one place, available wherever you go. Now you can do that! Just visit 

We also recommend you download our apps for iOS and Android at

That will allow you to keep tracking of all your bookings on your phone. You can check booking status on the go, submit interest in paid jobs faster, and communicate with your agency even when you are working an event.

When you get to this page it will ask you a few brief questions about your contact information and one or two job highlights. Once that is complete your profile will be submitted into a queue where a booking agent will review it to make sure that you are a real person and that your profile does not contain any of the following

  • Adult or nude images
  • Profanity
  • Hateful or derogatory language
  • Spam content

Once your profile has been reviewed and approved you will then be able to see and apply for available gigs in your area.


Your Profile: Where the Magic Happens

Most interactions with your agency happen from your profile. The site was built so that you can show yourself off in the best light possible. Think of it as your digital resume. See your events, check the job board, message your agency, and get paid all right here. To start getting work we recommend filling out your profile completely or at least to 90%. Clients and booking agents are looking for active staff, and here is your chance to show that you are one of them!

You only have to do this once!

After you have completed your profile on our page using the PopBookings system, each future agency you connect with (who uses popbookings) will be able to access the same profile. No need to ever fill out another form again! This feature is a great asset to models because you can keep track of bookings for multiple agencies all in one place and if you use the app you can do all of this from anywhere.


Building a strong profile.

Our agents are looking for the best staff to work their events. Your profile is set up so that it displays exactly what the agent is looking for when they book events. What you see in the layout is what they see, so work to make it look nice! Empty sections, and low quality pictures don’t go far to show how awesome you are!

We go into more detail about what we are looking for in our blog HERE

Uploading documents.

Many clients ask for additional info that is not a part of your original profile like a W-9 or liquor license. The upload section can be found on the “documents” tab on the left side of your profile. Just click the “add” button under each document. For security reasons, you have to upload documents in a JPG or PDF format.

Note: If you are trying to upload a resume that is a word document, open the document in Word and click “save as” a PDF.


Getting Booked

Let’s face it, the reason you are here is to get some work! The best place to start is the Job Board tab on your profile. Agents post upcoming jobs here that are open for applications. Make sure to check which city the job is in before you apply to work. Talent that is not within a 50 mile radius of the event will not be considered unless it is specified in the job description that travel will be compensated.  What you see on the job board are the public jobs (most jobs will fall into this category) but agents do post private jobs that only specific talent will be able to see. These jobs are by invitation only. Jobs will be categorized as private for various reasons but most commonly because a client has a very specific look or certain model that they want to use for the job.

Under Events, you’ll find all of the jobs your agency has specifically invited you to. The agency has looked at your profile and determined that you will be the best fit for this particular job, so look at each event to determine your availability.


If you are signing up for the first time, this section might feel a little empty. Don’t worry. The bookings will come! When an agent determines you might be a good fit, a text message will come to your phone, or a push notification will come to the app.


*We have noticed a bug that we will be working on. When you try to apply for partial availability through the phone up it will automatically revert to complete availability. We are working to fix that. The online version allows you to choose only partial availability so if you cannot work all days and shift hours please use the online version through your email to set your availability for the event.

Messaging Your Agency

Once you have downloaded the app, you can start messaging your booking agent directly. This is a great way to get noticed, and start building a relationship with your agent.


There are two forms of chat you will use with the app:

  • Direct messaging. This is for more confidential conversation or asking the agency about information directly relevant to you. You can message your agency direct by going to the “mesages” tab on the PopBookings app and click on the agency icon.
  • Group chat. This is for conversations with your fellow staff at the event, or to get information from the agency relevant to the group. IMPORTANT: Remember to use your powers of group chat wisely. Nobody likes spam. If it a message that is only relevant to you, use a direct message to your agency.

Checking In to an Event

We have thrown away the paper timesheets! 💁 #byefelicia #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Now, instead of filling out paperwork to have your team lead sign at an event, you can use geo check-ins. These take a digital snapshot of your location and time you got to the event to send to your agency. After the event is over, click the check-out button, and you are all set.

NOTE: You will not be able to check in until your 5 min before your event starts, and you must be within the radius of the event.


Talent compensation & bonuses

One of our favorite things to talk about (and the topic we get asked about the most) is our compensation and bonuses plan. So let’s talk money. At Untamed we want our talent to be rewarded for a job well done so we have come up with many ways to implement that as outlined below.

Performance rewards (available to premium talent, crew, and development team)

Performance rewards is our performance driven incentive program that allows each
member to share in the operational and financial success of the company. Pay-outs are
broken up into two pay scales and raises are composed of two parts:

Part 1 Operational and performance reward (awarded based on these requirements)
1- Early report and ready for work
2- Proper attire and proper attitude
3- Client sales and information gathering goals exceeded
4- Customer experience
5- Properly completing and returning event wrap reports and required documentation

Your starting pay is $13 per hour. If you show up on time, in uniform, and complete all
tasks required you will make $14 per hour. Anyone that goes above and beyond or shows exemplary customer service skills will be given a raise to $15 per hour. There is no waiting period for these raises. You may start receiving bonus pay on your very first

PART 2 financial rewards

Many company referrals in the past have come from our team members. We want our
models to love what they do and love the team they work with. After all unhappy workers
lead to work problems. Believe in your teammates and in yourself. As a team we promote
each other every chance we get. If you are asked to shoot a catalog be sure to mention
that you know of some other great models or photographers if they are still looking for
people. Your photographers, teammates, and crew will be doing the same. With this team
mentality we can keep opportunities growing for yourself and your teammates.
As part of our work to promote you the management and booking team at Untamed also
work hard to make the connections you will need to reach your professional goals. We
are always networking and building our circle of clients, friends, and affiliates.
Introductions are key. If you introduce us to a client that ends up using Untamed services
you will get to share in the company’s financial success. You earn 5% on all projects that
we do with that client for 1 year from the date of the first project.
Let’s say you introduce us to John Thomas at company X and we end up staffing an
event for John at $35/hr. Here’s how your referral fee would be calculated:
John needs 20 staff x 10 hours per day x 5 days = 1,000 project hours
Total cost: 1,000 project hours x $35/hr = $35,000
Your referral fee: 5% of $35,000 = $1,750
You get a check for $1,750 for this project PLUS 5% on any other programs we do with
them for the rest of the year with your contact specifically.

Other bonuses available

Model of the month:
This bonus is available for our spotlight team members. Models who get chosen to be
model of the month are featured on the website, heavily promoted for that month, get a
higher pay rate per hour for that month, and receive a cash bonus.

Member of the month
This bonus is available to our crew members. Team members who get chosen to be
member of the month will get a feature on our social media and websites as “talent to watch”, heavy promotion within our client network, a higher pay rate per hour for that
month, and receive a cash bonus.

This bonus is open to all spotlight models across the nation. Each month a group of 5
models will be chosen from the pool of models across the entire U.S. and a few
international teams. Our all-star team will get the most promotion, first pick on jobs, a
pay raise per hour (from their usual $18-$20 an hr) for that month, magazine feature,
higher percentages on all bonuses and rewards, and a cash bonus (larger than model of
the month bonus).

Client requests
Open to all spotlight models and crew. When a client books a model they do not get to
choose anyone specific from the company unless they pay extra to book that specific
person. If you are doing a great job you will be very popular with the clients and will get
asked back time and time again. You should be rewarded for that. Every time you work
an event where a client specifically requests you there will be a bonus waiting for you on
your check.



If you have a suggestion for an incentive we would love to hear it. Please shoot us an email describing your idea to



Description of teams

Premium or spotlight team

Consists of: 12 members per location (City/State)

Requirements: Must have worked with the company as crew for at least 90 days. Must be in good standing with booking agents and have zero no call/no shows on your record. Must have worked a minimum of 5 major campaigns and managed a minimum of 3 event teams. Once selected as a premium talent models must maintain binder info, broadcast schedules, and appearances. Volunteer work, social media, and company representation policies must be followed and up to date.

How to apply: Premium members are hired from within by invitation only. Models are hired as spots become available and remain on the premium talent list for the duration of the season. At the end of the season the model can choose to step down to a crew position or submit for evaluation to remain a spotlight
team member.

Perks: Spotlight members enjoy the same benefits as the crew PLUS, better job options, first priority and notification on paid jobs, higher pay, more frequent bonuses and rewards, higher paying bonuses and rewards, in depth training, portfolio expansion, and heavier promotion.



Consists of: All new hires over the age of 18, start within the company as crew. Jobs are offered to All-star members first, then to spotlight members, then to crew. If your goal is to become a spotlight team member please consult with your manager to see what steps need to be taken to get you there

Requirements: Crew members have more leniency on policies as far as appearance, tattoos and piercings, etc. Crew members must have a smart phone with internet access and reliable transportation. Must be over 18. Must be outgoing and reliable.

How to apply: Please read our blog on how to create a model portfolio that will get you hired here:

Then create a profile here


Perks of working with Untamed
 We showcase all your marketable talents, not just your modeling abilities   Unlike agencies, we do not take any money from your pay checks  (some take up to 30%)
 We do not charge you thousands of dollars to start your portfolio  Participate in network building events and activities
 Career coaching available  We don’t charge you for the basic training you will need to do your job
 We have work available nationwide  Help to determine a career path and follow it
 Advanced training options available  Travel opportunities
We work hard to ensure safety for all our talent  Bonuses start as early as your very first job
  Legal team to help ensure you get paid   Make a difference in your community
 Personal Development assistance  Network building opportunities nationwide


Development team

Consists of: Talent under the age of 18

Requirements: Talent must agree to maintain a clean and professional image AT ALL TIMES! Talent must also have parent permission to participate and parents are expected to play an active role in the talent’s development.

How to apply: Please send us an email at to schedule an appointment. Parents must be present while meeting with talent, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Perks:A development position allows talent a chance to work in controlled environments where they can get training and hone their skills as an actress, model, dancer, etc. while being mentored by s seasoned model. Talent in development will work shorter hours and have a limited pool of projects they can be involved in but there is paid work. Such projects would be product demonstration work, local events, online marketing, extra work in films, and limited film work.


Consists of: Business professionals looking to  build their network and increase sales via cross promotions etc.

Requirements: Talent must be willing to do a cross promotion in trade for sales or services

How to apply:Professionals must schedule a meeting with our management team by emailing

Perks: low cost promotion for your business, sales increase, network expansion.





We have multiple booking types

Knowing how to get booked is important information for all Untamed talent, after all that’s what we are here for. Make sure you understand the process so you can get booked for jobs. We offer clients many platforms in which to hire quality talent so there are a few ways that you can get hired for a paid job through Untamed.

The very first thing you need to know is that Untamed has a hierarchy. ALL jobs come in through our booking agent who will screen them to make sure they are legitimate and then forward the information to our premium talent first. Main team always get first priority on bookings (the only time that doesn’t apply is if a client asks for you specifically). They will have a period of time to review and then accept or decline the jobs. Once that time period is up the remaining positions will then be emailed out to crew. Then, depending on the type of booking talent will be chosen from there.

*Note that all jobs are posted privately to begin with so talent will not see it on the job board. Invites are automatically sent out to talent that live within a few miles of the event so you may receive an invite to jobs that are not posted publicly. If a job is posted publicly everyone can see it and anyone can apply.

Untamed direct booking

This means the client contacted our company directly. They will be assigned a booking agent who will create a job overview based on what the client needs in terms of talent, days and hours, etc.  The booking agent will send out the completed job overview with all the details such as pay, dates & times, attire, etc. to our premium talent first and fill the spots with interested premium talent members. If all spots are filled the job will be closed.

If there are remaining spots open after main team has been notified then the booking agent will forward the job overview to crew. Everyone interested in the job responds back to let the booking agent know they are interested. The booking agent will then look over your profiles to determine your attendance and work record, your work history, etc. She will find who might be the best fit for the job. Other factors she looks at are disciplinary actions against you, if you have had any no-shows or late attendance, do you get along well with others, reviews from managers of past events, and if you have done any volunteer work.

Third party staffing

Third party staffing means another talent agency was originally expected to fill the job but for whatever reason they couldn’t so they called us. The booking agent will get the job overview and send it to spotlight team, then to crew just like she does for a direct booking, the only difference is that instead of the booking agent choosing the talent she will respond back to the third party with the availability of those interested and the third party will choose who they want to work with.

These are completely separate agencies that are not affiliated with Untamed. They have different processes, different rules, different requirements etc. We do notify talent about other paying promo gigs in the area strictly as a benefit to them. Having been models ourselves we know how hard it can be to find consistent work and we are all for helping each other out. We don’t get any financial compensation for sharing event information but it is a good way to get some events on your resume if you haven’t been hired for an Untamed event yet.

While we have worked with these companies in the past without issue we encourage models to take their event log and event time sheets with them along with any of the other third party information just to keep good record of the work they have done. That way if there is a pay issue it is easier to get it fixed should one arise. Because these booking companies are seperate from us we have no control over who they hire, what processes they use, and how/if they pay so take bookings with a bit of caution. We do our best to make sure companies are legitimate and that we only pass along bookings from companies our models have worked with in the past (THESE EVENTS ARE SEPARATE FROM UNTAMED)

Client request booking

This is when the client lets us know that they want a specific model. They can choose crew, main team, photographer etc. In this instance the job overview would be emailed directly to the chosen talent. If you are chosen directly by a client we pay you a higher wage for that event as a bonus for being in demand.

Back up talent

We never want to leave a project understaffed so we have back-up talent there just in case an emergency arises. Back-up talent participation is voluntary. Talent will receive a flat fee that will be outlined in the job overview in exchange for being on-call leading up to the event and showing up on location each day of the event. If all working talent is accounted for, the back-up gets sent home (you still get paid the flat fee every day you show up ready to work even though you didn’t end up working). If someone doesn’t show up you step into their position and forgo the flat fee for being a back-up and instead get paid the hourly wage the staff rate offered for that job.

Charity or Volunteer work

We offer team charity/ volunteer work monthly. This is voluntary and can be used as a way to build and strengthen your portfolio, network, train, and help out in your community. Although there is no mandatory number of hours our booking agent does give priority to crew members that give back. This can also be used as a means to get yourself out of the dog house if you have had misconduct reports for being late, bad attitude, or other infractions. Our agents prefer to work with talent that they have worked with in the past so that they know they are getting hard working and reliable candidates. If you have been getting overlooked for bookings this is also a great way to get your foot in the door and show us what kind of worker you are. Not to mention you are helping give back to your community and it looks great on your resume.